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Advantages of Custom Crane Systems Versus Standard One-Size-Fits-All Systems

There are many reasons for purchasing a custom-built crane system instead of a one-size-fits-all system that many companies sell. Here at Spanco, we sell both standard and custom systems, and our custom systems are built to fit the customers exact needs. The lead times may be a little longer, but you can be assured that a custom Spanco system will fit where it was designed to go. For starters, let’s say you want the system to be freestanding, but you have obstacles in the way that prevent you from putting the columns across from each other, meaning you cannot use a header beam. We can stagger the columns using our inverted-L columns that do not require a header.

Freestanding Articulating Jib with an Inverted Outer Arm

Another option we offer is to stagger our standard-design columns and headers at different intervals. For example, one could be at 15 feet and the next could be at 30 feet. If you have tight headroom, we can offer a double girder bridge with a nested trolley or an articulating jib with an inverted outer arm to maximize the headroom available. We can also, in certain instances for workstations, use plain track, which requires less headroom than trussed track.

We also offer a telescoping bridge, which allows you to reach in another bay outside of the system, as well as an articulating jib that will do the same. Our systems can be freestanding, column mounted, or ceiling mounted, and for our ceiling-mounted systems, we offer a wide range of hangers to fit your application. Spanco can custom paint your crane any color for a small fee if you have that need. We also offer special paint for outdoors as well as galvanizing if it is near salt water.

As you can see, if you can think it up, we will look at it and see if it can be done. If an application has you stumbling for a solution, we can do on-site visits to help ensure that you get the material handling system that you need. With an out-of-the-box-system, what they offer is what you get, and it may not fit where you want it or be the system that you need. When it’s time to purchase your next material handling system, you should consider a custom system tailored to your specific application and job requirements. If you have any questions about which system is right for your needs, you can contact us or locate your local sales rep, and we would be happy to assist you.


About the Author

Phil Hackler is a Regional Sales Manager for Spanco and Rigid Lifelines with over 30 years of experience in the crane and hoist industry. He has gained valuable industry knowledge throughout his various positions, including field service technician, operations, manufacturing, and sales.