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Advantages of Spanco Headerless Workstation Material Handling Systems

Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails can be used for a wide range of industrial material handling needs. To provide the best solution for every situation, workstation cranes can be configured to the necessary length, width, height, and capacity for many different jobs. There are also options and components that can be used to customize Spanco Workstation Material Handling Systems, including telescoping bridges, mixed capacity systems, tractor drives, and more.

One option that is less commonly used is the Spanco Headerless Workstation Material Handling System. Headerless Systems are available in capacities up to 1,000 pounds. They can be configured as both bridge cranes and monorail cranes, and they offer unique advantages over systems with standard headers.


Spanco Headerless Workstation Material Handling Systems have a smaller footprint than systems with typical structural beam headers. The columns can fit easily into corners or against walls where they won’t protrude into your workspace. The smaller footprint allows you to maximize the use of your facility’s floorspace by leaving room for other equipment around the columns. It also leaves more open workspace, making it easy for workers to move around the system without being obstructed.

Headerless systems use less material than systems with standard headers. Because they require less steel to manufacture, they can be produced and purchased at a lower price. For applications that require capacities up to 1,000 pounds, headerless systems are a more economical option over similar systems with full headers.

With less material and a smaller footprint, Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails are also easier to install and relocate than systems with structural beam headers. Many overhead cranes require separate foundations, which can be very expensive and time-consuming to install. However, Spanco Headerless system support columns can be bolted to any existing reinforced concrete floor with a minimum thickness of six inches.


Spanco Headerless Workstation Material Handling Systems can be designed for capacities up to 1,000 pounds, so

any application that handles loads up to that limit may benefit from the use of a headerless system. One practical use of a Spanco Headerless System is in automotive garages. When one is installed in a garage, workers can easily park a car in the crane’s working area to perform the necessary job.

With a car parked under the crane’s working area, workers can use the crane to remove the motor more easily than they could with a typical “cherry picker” engine hoist. The system’s clearance is especially important when performing engine swaps on large trucks or cars with long hoods. Where an engine hoist would not be able to reach high enough or far enough to reach the engine, the hoist on a headerless crane can easily be positioned over any part of a car or truck.

A Spanco Headerless Crane can do other tasks around a garage as well. It can be used to lift a body off of a car or truck to provide easier access to the chassis, and it can also be used to work on other types of vehicles. Workers can use it to easily access and work on boats, tractors, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, golf carts, and other vehicles that can’t be lifted with standard car lifts or jacks.


The uses for Spanco Headerless Workstation Material Handling Systems aren’t limited to automotive garages. They can also be extremely useful in loading or unloading applications. Any heavy equipment or parts that have to be loaded or unloaded can be handled easily by placing them directly under the system to be lifted. The tall and wide clearance available with Spanco Headerless Systems allow a truck or trailer to fit underneath a system, where workers can use a hoist to raise or lower a load.

There are many other uses that are well-suited for Spanco Headerless Systems for applications that handle loads up to 1,000 pounds. Many applications that use overhead bridge cranes with standard headers may be able to use headerless workstations as well. Installing a headerless system in a machine shop or manufacturing facility that handle loads up to 1,000 pounds can provide economical lifting solutions while allowing floorspace for workers and equipment to maneuver throughout the coverage area.

Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails provide effective material handling solutions for many different situations. If you’re considering installing an overhead crane in your facility, a Spanco Headerless System might just be the best option for your application.