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Advantages of Tripod Cranes

The three-leg tripod design is used in industries from filmmaking and furniture to military and construction and almost everything in between. A tripod can also be used as a lightweight, highly portable crane that can travel and stand where other lifting equipment can’t.

Tripod cranes are the perfect lifting solutions for locations that are inaccessible with a crane or forklift or for sites with no overhead lifting structure. With adjustable telescoping legs, tripod cranes are also ideal for uneven terrain and can be adjusted to the necessary height for any job.

Easy TransportationAluminum Tripod Crane

One of the biggest advantages of tripod cranes is their portability. Their telescoping legs mean they can be collapsed into small enough sizes to transport easily from one jobsite to another. Lightweight steel and aluminum construction also makes tripod cranes light enough that they can be carried by one or two people and set up quickly and easily.

Tripod cranes are an excellent option for many outdoor lifting needs, because they can easily travel to locations that can’t be reached with forklifts and can’t be equipped with a permanent overhead crane lifting system. They can also fit into tight spaces where a similar capacity gantry crane wouldn’t be able to maneuver. The telescoping legs make it easy to adjust the height of your tripod crane, so you can use it for a wide range of applications with different height requirements.

The All-Terrain Crane

Another benefit of tripod cranes is their all-terrain capabilities. Spanco Industrial Tripod Cranes can be equipped with standard aluminum flat feet, which allow them to be used on all hard surfaces. The tripods can also be equipped with mud feet that allow them to be used on soft ground.

The mud feet have spikes that firmly entrench the legs in soft ground and flanges that prevent the spikes from sinking too deep into the ground. The feet are interchangeable for maximum versatility, allowing the crane to be used on whatever surface the job requires.

The interchangeable feet also help make tripod cranes ideal for use on uneven ground. If you are working on an unpaved surface that isn’t quite level, the telescoping legs can be adjusted to keep the crane level while the mud feet keep it securely in place. Additionally, the standard aluminum feet can be used to keep the crane level on uneven ground on a hard surface, such as a sidewalk curb.

The Right Crane for the Job

Spanco Industrial Tripod Cranes are available in both steel and aluminum constructions and have lifting capacities of either one or two tons. All Spanco Industrial Tripod Cranes are equipped with six-inch increment height adjustments and have a range of minimum heights from 5’ 2” to 8’ 7” and maximum heights from 8’ 7” to 13’ 9”. They also come with cable lashing kits to keep the legs from spreading.

Whenever you have a material handling job to do, it is important to use the right crane. Permanent overhead lifting equipment is a great solution when a permanent system can be installed. Mobile gantry cranes are excellent for jobs in different locations that can’t use permanent, fixed equipment. But when you need a lightweight, portable lifting system that can fit into small spaces, a tripod crane is the perfect solution.