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Benefits of Spanco Bolt-on Products

Spanco bolt-on assemblies are designed to be installed easily on Spanco Jib and Gantry systems without welding or drilling. These assemblies include tagline assemblies for both standard and capped I-beam systems and intermediate bumpers for all systems that use our standard S, W, and Aluminum beams. These bolt-on products are more adaptable than welded assemblies, which makes it easy for you to adjust them as necessary.

Bolt-on Gantry Tagline

Previously, installing taglines on Spanco Gantry cranes required welding the tagline brackets and drilling into the I-beam. The drilling would be done at specific locations determined by the span of the system. These installation processes make adjustment difficult and require new holes to be drilled into the I-beam.

The bolt-on tagline is not fixed in place permanently and does not have to be installed in any specific location because of the size or span of the system. Instead, the bolt-on assembly is attached to the system using a bracket and clamp design. The bracket is simply placed on the system where it is needed and secured by tightening the bolts.

Because the bolt-on assembly doesn’t require drilling or welding in any specific location, the placement of the tagline is not limited to a specific location. Instead, the tagline can be adjusted quickly and easily if necessary. The arrangement isn’t permanently locked into the factory installation layout, so you can make changes and adjustments for any changes in facility design, application, or system requirements.

Bolt-on Jib Tagline

The new Spanco Jib Crane bolt-on tagline design allows users or installers to install the jib tagline in the appropriate position. Multiple bolting locations allow the system to be modified if system setup or operational needs change after installation. If application needs change, the tagline can be adjusted in and out from the boom without modifying the jib crane itself.

Intermediate Bumper

The intermediate bumper is a bolt-on assembly designed to act as a trolley stop between the factory-installed end stops. Like the tagline assemblies, the intermediate bumper does not require any drilling or welding to attach. The design uses a similar bracket and clamp that secures the bumper to the track by tightening the bolts.

Intermediate bumpers can be used to limit trolley travel within the span for any reason. If the hoist or load is especially large, an intermediate bumper can be used to prevent the load from making contact with the support structures of the system. It can prevent a large load from accidentally damaging gantry legs or the jib mast, which can save you from costly repairs and touch-up painting.

Because intermediate bumpers do not require welding or drilling to attach to a system, their installation is not permanent. They can be installed in one location for a specific purpose and removed or reinstalled as needed. They provide the flexibility to limit hoist and trolley travel when it is necessary and can be removed if the limitation is no longer needed.

Intermate bumpers are not a substitute for factory-installed end stops or immovable hard stops for any system. They must be used in conjunction with any engineered factory-installed stop for safe operation.

Bottom Line

Spanco bolt-on tagline and intermediate bumper assemblies make it easier than ever to make adjustments that may be required at your facility rather than during manufacturing, so you can easily adapt to any changes in your facility or application. Both assemblies are compatible with all of our standard S, W, and Aluminum track beams, so they can be used on almost any Spanco Jib and Gantry system to tailor it to your exact needs.