Materials in Motion

What can portable lift solutions do for your facility?

If you’ve been using multiple forklifts, load-moving dollies, or hand trucks to move materials and/or equipment throughout your facility, it may be time for a much-needed upgrade. This is true even if you already have an existing overhead bridge crane in your facility, and you are supplementing it with forklifts and hand trucks. Most large overhead cranes do need to be supplemented with smaller lift solutions, but using too many forklifts can be cumbersome, expensive, and very unsafe. So what other options are available at a reasonable cost?

To start, check out some lightweight, highly portable gantry cranes like our Spanco A-Series (fixed or height-adjustable) Steel Gantry Crane, or for even lighter loads and increased portability, our Spanco Aluminum Gantry Crane, which weighs around 116 pounds and can be moved under load with one or two workers. Both systems are lightweight, portable, and easy to move under load. They can help workers to lift and transfer back-breaking loads from one end of your facility to another, and when using the appropriate casters, they can even be used outdoors. Our gantry cranes can also be motorized to travel either along a fixed-path using V-groove track and rigid steel V-groove wheels or using trackless drives.

If you’re looking for something that isn’t entirely mobile but still can be moved from one part of your facility to another as needed, a Spanco Foundationless Jib Crane is an excellent choice. The foundationless jib can be used with either a trussed track boom or an I-beam boom, and workers can use them virtually anywhere within your factory. Using a foundationless jib isn’t just practical, but it’s also less expensive. The foundation-mounted jibs are much more expensive because it’s so costly to dig and pour a foundation. Without the extra cost associated with a special foundation, these foundationless jibs are cost-efficient and extremely productive—they can also be moved from one part of your facility to another quickly and easily.