RV Manufacturer Finds Unique Application for Jib and Bridge Cranes


Prime Time RV designs, manufactures, and distributes a full line of towable RV products including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and ultra-light travel trailers. Prime Time is a division of Forest River, Inc., which is North America’s largest manufacturer of towable recreational products.

In 2012, Prime Time RV decided to upgrade their production and manufacturing process by integrating custom built Spanco cranes in several of their facilities. To facilitate this process, they worked with Paul’s Welding, Inc., which is an Indiana based consultation, inspection, distribution, and repair company. P.W.I. specializes in overhead cranes and material handling solutions, which meant that they were able to facilitate their entire upgrade by purchasing and installing several crane systems from Spanco.

According to P.W.I. Sales Associate, Ryan Miller, manufacturing RV’s and handling materials associated with similar applications requires specific parts uniquely designed to meet their individual needs. In fact, Paul’s Welding, Inc. has purchased dozens of systems from Spanco, along with parts and components used to manufacturer their own systems. According to Miller, Spanco’s crane systems and components are ergonomically designed, provide durability, and greatly improve the safety of workers.


Miller says that they have distributed several Spanco Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes to many of their clients, specifically, Prime Time RV. Prime Time uses Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes to lift and install RV sidewalls. The ceiling mounted systems are installed at sidewall step stations, where crane operators can pick them up and connect them to the RV shells. Miller says that they use the runways for setting the roof on each unit, which they manufacture on a mezzanine before transferring it for installation. In addition, workers can use Spanco runways to move heavy components like AC units and engine parts.

The 1,000-pound capacity workstation bridge cranes are ceiling mounted to conserve floor space and maximize the use of their production area. Each system includes a bridge spanning 32 feet and a 64-foot runway with 2-foot cantilevers on both ends. The long runway allows workers to use the bridge cranes for multiple applications. At a capacity of 1,000 pounds, the system is durable enough to transfer heavy loads and yet flexible enough to accommodate multiple applications.

According to Miller, they love Spanco’s Workstation Bridge Crane systems because they are unique and specifically tailored for their application(s). Miller explained that a standard structural bridge crane would roll too hard for their working application; however, Spanco has been able to custom build bridge crane systems that are light duty and travel well, thereby increasing Prime Time’s overall productivity and efficiency.

Prime Time RV has also purchased and installed Spanco Wall Mounted Cantilever Jib Cranes, which have greatly improved their production and manufacturing process. The working application of these specific cranes is quite unique, as it allows employees to install axles in their RV’s safely and comfortably.


According to Miller, Prime Time uses Spanco’s Jib Cranes to grab the raw RV frames, which is the first station in the manufacturing process. The jib cranes allow them to lift the frames and flip them upside down, so that workers can stand up and attach the axle to the RV frame quickly and easily. This prevents their workers from the safety hazard of crawling under the RV frame. This unique application has increased their efficiency and improved their production process ten fold, and Miller says that they are extremely satisfied with the ergonomic design and overall application of each and every Spanco crane that they purchase.