Toronto Print Company Uses Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Systems To “Bridge” the Gaps in Their Facilities and Introduce A More Effective Print Process


A local printing facility in Toronto provides digital and reproduction services to industries across the region. With business consistently expanding, the printing company began opening locations all over the Toronto area, in addition to its in-house offset printing division. Their mission is to use their experienced staff, advanced equipment, and value added services to help thousands of individuals and companies get the most of their time and money.

To do that, production managers realized the increasing need for proper material handling solutions that would cover each print facility and ensure increased productivity, guaranteeing them the fastest turnaround times and most affordable prices. To meet the growing demands of their customers, the printing company turned to Toronto Electric, a local Spanco dealer in their area.


Toronto Electric conducted a thorough assessment of their material handling requirements and deducted that several Workstation Bridge Cranes from Spanco would best serve the printing company’s needs. Each 1,000-pound capacity system is ceiling mounted to reduce floor obstructions and save facility space. The workstation’s enclosed tracks’ ergonomic design allows for traffic to flow around the cranes without jamming up production or interfering with the safety of their workers.

The job of the bridge cranes is to reach down and lift 500-pound solid cylinder paint rolls. Depending on the needs of the brand/company they are servicing, the paint rolls may need to be changed several times a day, which was a slow and arduous process without workstation bridge cranes. Before, it took three workers and a Dolly to lift and move one paint roll and replace it with another. Now, the Bridge Cranes from Spanco can reach right in, remove the old paint roll, and replace it with a new one—in seconds.


According to Toronto Electric, the bridge cranes have helped them to more than triple their overall efficiency, which resulted in improved productivity and better turnaround times for their customers. They now have ceiling-mounted bridge cranes covering each print station in all of their various facilities. In fact, their production managers were so pleased with the results that they recently decided to install a Spanco Jib Crane at the front of their in-house offset printing division, to ensure their workers are safe no matter where they’re working and to consistently increase efficiency and productivity throughout all of their facilities.