Workstation Bridge Crane is the Perfect Ergonomic Solution for New York Packaging Manufacturer


Cello-Pack Corporation is a New York based company and leading provider of packaging solutions. With a solid record of excellence and innovation, Cello-Pack has been meeting the manufacturing and industrial packaging needs of companies from all over the United States for the past fifty years. In addition to packaging, Cello-Pack Corporation also offers design, engineering, pre-press, printing, laminating, and converting.

In 2012, Cello-Pack began to assess their need for improved efficiency in manufacturing and production. They contacted Bob Amherst from Omni Industrial Sales to purchase and install a new system that would allow them to meet their manufacturing needs quickly and effectively. After carefully evaluating their production and manufacturing processes, Omni Industrial contacted Spanco to purchase a 2000-pound capacity ceiling-mounted workstation bridge crane.


The bridge crane arrived ready to install with a plain track runway, bridge, hoist trolley, and hangers. The 10-foot bridge spans the length of the area between end trucks, making the system specific to their individual needs and easy to use. The 15-foot runway includes 18-inch cantilevers on both ends to optimize workspace and facilitate the transfer of heavy loads. The system is designed to accommodate individual hanging requirements and flange thickness.

According to Bob Amherst, Cello-Pack needed to find a solution to increase efficiency when loading heavy parts into a machining center and to work with printing rolls and cylinders. In the past, workers had to manually lift parts in excess of two hundred pounds. While the working application of the crane is fairly simple and involves picking up parts and raising them five to ten feet to place them into a machine, Amherst says that the crane lends itself well to meet their objectives. He says it has helped double efficiency and improved the safety and wellbeing of their employees.


According to plant manager, Tim Shiley, one employee can easily complete what was once a two- or three-person job using Spanco’s Workstation Bridge Crane. They are pleased with the increased level of overall efficiency, along with the ease of installation and the simplicity of daily use.

Cello-Pack Corporation was so pleased with their new system that they also purchased a Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Crane to handle large rolls of plastic packaging film. Cello-Pack Corporation prides itself in their dedication to deliver flexible packaging solutions that succeed at every level. That’s why it was so important that they install the best system available on the market today. Through the inclusion of a Spanco Workstation Bridge Crane, Cello-Pack was able to cut their production time by one third, increase their efficiency three times over, and improve the security of their workers. The Spanco Workstation Bridge Crane was the perfect ergonomic solution to meet all of their manufacturing and production needs.