Spanco Cranes Offer Increased Safety for Building Envelope Systems Manufacturer

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Henry Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems. The company integrates air barrier, roofing, and waterproofing systems to enhance building performance. The professionals at Henry Company work with designers, contractors, and building owners to provide energy efficient buildings, stronger structures, and quality products.

Since 1981, Henry Company has evolved into a national supplier of air and vapor barrier, roofing, and waterproofing products, and in 1998 they became the leading manufacturer of roof coatings, cements, and driveway maintenance products. In 2012, Henry Company purchased six Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes and one Spanco Jib Crane to improve safety and increase productivity in manufacturing and packaging.


According to Henry’s Director of Global Sourcing and Operations, Jerry Wocjcik, they are thrilled with the durability and cost efficiency that Spanco’s cranes provide. Henry’s purchased and installed a wall mounted articulating Jib Crane with a vacuum lifter for use in their manufacturing plants. The wall mounted articulating jib crane offers 200-degree rotation on the inner arm and 360-degree rotation on the outer arm, and provides low headroom to accommodate the existing structure. All five of the Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes are 500-pound capacity systems, although they are used for lifting 250-pound loads with a vacuum hoist. Because the vacuum application can cause a large shock to the system, the cranes are derated to ensure the safety of workers and the longevity of the crane itself.

All six workstation bridge cranes are ceiling mounted to preserve production floor space and provide coverage without interfering with support columns. Spanco’s Workstation Bridge Cranes are designed to accommodate a limited workspace by hanging from overhead building steel structures such as roof beams or trusses. Four of the workstation bridge cranes include a 14-foot runway with 12-inch cantilevers on both ends. One of the workstation bridge cranes includes a 12-foot runway with 12-inch cantilevers on both ends, and one includes a 16-foot runway with 12-inch cantilevers on both ends.


Henry Company uses the cranes in their production and manufacturing area to load and unload large palettes and to lift and move heavy objects around the factory floor. Before installing Spanco cranes, Henry Company relied solely on manpower to move things around, which was costly and posed a risk to worker safety. Now, Henry’s production workers can use the workstation bridge cranes with great ease and efficiency.
Jerry Wocjcik stated that they recognized the need for safety improvements in their facilities, a reduction in injury-related down time, and increased productivity. Installing the Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes has drastically improved these issues.