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MMA-MHI: the Standards of Overhead Crane Safety

The Monorail Manufacturers Association is a trade association affiliated the Material Handling Industry and is a leading authority in overhead cranes and material handling. MMA works closely with OSHA and other safety organizations to promote and ensure safe use of overhead track systems in all material handling industries.

Many MMA members sit on MHI committees and are involved in the creation and establishment of industry standards. Members remain at the forefront of safety standard development, and the MMA approval process ensures all manufactured equipment with the MMA certification logo meets the latest ANSI standards.

Because members are involved in development and are deeply familiar with the manufacturing and safety standards of the material handling industry, they are highly knowledgeable and are able to train users in safe practices. MMA uses their members’ expert knowledge to provide high-quality education and professional development programs to continue making the material handling field safer for workers.

MMA members are industry experts and leaders in the material handling field. MMA members continue to drive innovation in the field, and many members offer unique material handling solutions, from specialty trolleys to mobile gantry cranes. They continue to improve industry equipment to move products throughout users’ facilities safely and efficiently.

With the knowledge and expertise of its members, MMA continues to develop and publish material handling and monorail specifications, such as MH27.1 and MH27.2, to help promote the safety of monorail and underhung crane systems. For more information about MMA and its mission to promote industrial safety, visit their website at