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OSHA Safe + Sound Week 2019

OSHA’s Safe + Sound is a nationwide campaign focused on raising awareness and understanding of the importance of effective safety and health programs in the workplace. This year, Safe + Sound Week is set for August 12-18, and its aim is to recognize the successes of workplace safety and health programs and to offer information on how to keep workers safe.

Businesses of all sizes and industries are encouraged to participate in Safe + Sound Week, and OSHA specifically encourages small and mid-sized businesses for participate. For small businesses that have limited resources to dedicate to safety programs, the Safe + Sound initiative focuses on safety measures that can be implemented with a smaller budget. The program offers strategies that small businesses can apply in-house without outside consultations to address hazards, improve worker safety, and reduce workplace injuries.

For smaller businesses, Safe + Sound also emphases the financial importance of a good safety program. OSHA violations and workplace incidents can have substantial negative impacts on a company’s bottom line. Every year, workplace incidents cost companies billions of dollars through lost productivity, workers compensation, and other costs in both time and money. Emphasizing workplace safety can help avoid the costs that come with workplace incidents.

OSHA’s website provides information and resources for participating in Safe + Sound Week; businesses can receive educational materials, training, and information about common hazards at no cost. Webinars available on the website offer more in-depth courses that look at different aspects of workplace safety, safety programs, workplace safety strategies, and more. Employers can use these resources to create or improve safety programs, protect workers, and ensure OSHA compliance.

Safe + Sound is a simple way to refocus and revamp workplace safety efforts. Participation is easy, and you can find all of the information you need by visiting