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Spanco Now Offers Sway Bracing Pipe

Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Monorails and Bridge Cranes can be attached to the ceiling of your facility in a number of ways. The most common mounting methods are with flush-mount brackets or with drop-rod hangers. Drop-rod hangers can be useful in facilities where the ceiling-height is greater than the desired height for the systems. They can also be used to mount systems on a ceiling with a slope up to 14 degrees.

Because of the increased distance between ceiling support structures and the monorail or bridge crane components, drop-rod mounted systems are susceptible to swaying. To eliminate potential swaying, these systems require lateral and longitudinal sway bracing.

Previously, sway bracing pipe had to be purchased from a third party. Now, in an effort to make your buying experience even better, Spanco can provide sway bracing pipe for our ceiling-mounted systems. Schedule 40 and schedule 80 one-inch diameter pipe is available in lengths of 10’ 6” and 21’, so you can cut the pipe to the exact length required. With sway bracing pipe and brackets available, you can now purchase complete sway bracing directly from Spanco for most systems.

To purchase sway bracing pipe from Spanco, simply select the desired pipe, pipe length, and quantity in Lift-Lab to add the pipe to your system quote. By purchasing sway bracing pipe with your Spanco system, you can ensure that all the necessary installation components arrive at the jobsite at the same time for installation.