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The Spanco Zip-Ship Freight Estimator

Zip-Ship is the new automatic Freight Estimator service available through the Spanco Lift-Lab. The Freight Estimator is built directly into Lift-Lab, and you can use it to generate a shipping cost estimate in seconds.

After you generate your crane quote, you can select the Freight Estimator icon. The Freight Estimator then uses your order information and zip code to compare shipping costs to your destination and find you the best rate from one of Spanco’s approved freight carriers. The Zip-Ship service provides quick and accurate freight estimates so you can see the shipping costs immediately.

Currently, the Zip-Ship Freight Estimator service is available for all Spanco Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes and Tripods, and Fast-Track Workstation Cranes. The Freight Estimator can provide rates for both flatbed shipments and less-than-load (LTL) shipments for all available systems, as necessary. Additionally, Spanco Monorails and all Workstation Cranes will be added to the Freight Estimator in the near future.

The new Zip-Ship Freight estimator makes it easier and faster to get complete, accurate costs for your applicable Spanco system. In addition to the freight estimate, Zip-Ship also provides bundle information with weights and dimensions. The LTL rates are valid for 14 calendar days and the Flatbed rates are valid for 10 calendar days. Please submit your Zip-Ship freight estimate with your order to ensure timely and accurate processing. The Zip-Ship freight estimator will greatly speed up the quotation process for our dealers to their customers and allow dealers to better estimate the freight costs.