Materials in Motion

Welcome to the Spanco blog!

Welcome to the first Spanco blog! This is an exciting part of our Spanco website because it allows an opportunity for everyone who accesses our website to communicate directly with our company. We are hoping to create a connected community between our customers and our company so that our products can better suit your needs.  And, this blog will be a reliable resource for all information about cranes and the material handling industry.

Our blog will include weekly posts that talk about many different things.  Topics will include descriptions of different cranes, comparisons of the pros and cons of different products, ANSI and OSHA terminology and requirements, different types of coatings, crane safety, maintenance suggestions for maximizing the longevity of your cranes, and so much more.

This blog will be a primary resource for learning about changes that are made in crane standards, safety standards, or the overall material handling industry.  We pride ourselves in being informed about our industry and the changes that occur within it.  In the interest of increasing knowledge about safety and other material handling information, we hope to be a resource for all people within this community.

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope that you will continue to visit our site as we dive into different topics. Your opinion matters to us and we would be delighted to hear your thoughts and opinions on the different industry happenings.