15-Ton PF-Series Gantry Crane Provides Flexibility for International Logistics Company

Visión General

A Pennsylvania based international logistics company produces user manuals, installation guides, and engineering drawings for the department of defense and commercial clients. The user manuals and installation guides are designed to help soldiers assemble and maintain I.E.D. bomb detecting arms on their unmanned vehicles. Writing these manuals requires engineers to assemble, disassemble, and ultimately manipulate large parts, crane arms, and the unmanned vehicles themselves, which are mostly tanks.


For years, engineers in their 40,000 square-foot facility used a large freestanding bridge crane to move heavy parts for the development of their user manuals. In 2015, their facility manager and head engineer contacted a local Spanco dealer to inquire about a less cumbersome overhead lift system. Not only were they looking to redesign their facility, but they were also searching for a system they could move throughout the factory and one which did not require a costly foundation. The dealer suggested a 15-ton PF-Series Gantry Crane from Spanco.


The new system requires no foundation or support centers and can be moved easily from one room to another within their facility. Each room is occupied by multiple large tanks, which all require the use of an overhead lift system for moving and manipulating heavy parts and servicing the equipment as necessary. The 15-ton PF-Series Gantry Crane from Spanco allows workers to move heavy loads from any location within their newly redesigned facility, and the pneumatic tires allow workers to use the gantry outdoors as well as indoors. According to their facility manager, the new system from Spanco is less cumbersome and much more efficient, as it provides a flexible overhead lift system that can be used in multiple applications in any location for years to come.