Portable Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane Makes the Loading Process for Flooring Manufacturer Safer

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Since 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed waste into unique products that make people’s lives better. Over the years, Ecore’s manufactured flooring has evolved to solve the needs of many applications, such as playgrounds, weight rooms, turf fields, hospitals, hotels, and retail environments.

Ecore’s 217,000 square-foot facility in Lancaster, PA, transforms used tires into custom performance flooring. This facility takes the processed rubber and transforms it into surfacing inside large cylinders, which are then peeled into various thicknesses of performance flooring. Depending on the product formulation, density, thickness, width, and color, the peeled cylinders will go through many processes, such as lamination, die cut, or water jet cut to name a few.

When the rubber is molded into the cylinders, color granules may also be added to give each flooring surface its own unique look, depending on what the customer requires. These color granules are made in a department that processes about 1,500 bags of raw material each day. These bags of raw material are placed on pallets near a conveyer belt.

Previously, workers had to pick up and place each individual 50-pound bag on the conveyor belt by hand. This process was labor intensive and very strenuous on the workers. Ecore wanted to find a solution that would not only make this process easier for the workers; but, more importantly, protect workers from injury.


Ecore reached out to a local Spanco dealer, Schuylkill Materials Handling, to inquire about a material handling solution. The President and Owner of Schuylkill Materials Handling, Gene Melocheck, visited the facility to observe their loading process, discuss system requirements, and determine the best material handling solution for their application. After thoroughly inspecting their operation, he recommended a durable Spanco Portable Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane.

The 250-pound capacity Spanco Portable Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane was installed in the loading area to help workers lift the bags from the pallets and transfer them onto the conveyer belt. The 1,115-pound system has a 16-foot span, a 12-foot 10-inch height under the boom, and the ability to pivot 360 degrees on its portable base. The system also includes a vacuum attachment, which makes lifting the bags of raw material fast and easy. Equipped with forklift pockets, the portable base allows the system to be easily relocated, providing the perfect amount of versatility.


The portable base freestanding workstation jib crane improves efficiency and eliminates the need for workers to move the 50-pound bags of raw material by hand. Repeatedly lifting 50-pound bags by hand is ineffective and can be dangerous. Using the vacuum attachment, workers can now lift the bags of raw material and place them on the conveyor belt without concern for their health and safety. Also, if the production floor is ever rearranged or needs to be thoroughly cleaned, the system can be moved by forklift to the new location quickly and safely. Erik Pfister, the Project Engineer at Ecore, said that the Spanco Portable Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane “will almost eliminate the possibility for injury to the employees on that station, making it a much safer place to work.”