Spanco Gantry Crane Provides Pennsylvania Construction Services Company with Safe and Efficient Overhead Material Handling Solution

Visión General

A moving company turned construction services company in the Northeast provides their customers with hauling, rigging contracting, crane rental, and warehouse storage of large machinery. Recently, the company moved to a new location in Pennsylvania where they focus on warehouse storage of everything from forklifts to pretzel ovens.

Kevin McDevitt, Warehouse Manager for the company, makes sure the tools stored at the warehouse get shipped out to customers fast and efficiently. When the company moved into their new building, McDevitt was tasked with finding a way to move machinery to and from its spot in storage to a flatbed truck in the warehouse bay. In their previous warehouse, the company installed a 15-ton overhead bridge crane to accomplish this transition. The new facility, however, came with limitations, including decreased ceiling height and floor space. If McDevitt decided to go the route of purchasing another overhead bridge crane with large support columns, he would lose a substantial amount of storage space.


McDevitt found a local Spanco dealer who assisted him in finding the best crane to meet the company’s daily material handling needs and specific building requirements. The right crane ended up being a Spanco 10-Ton PF-Series Motorized Gantry Crane with a 40-foot span.


McDevitt was looking for a safe, reliable, overhead material handling solution that would allow him to keep up with a vigorous storage and shipping schedule, while still meeting specific building limitations. Since installing the Spanco 10-Ton PF-Series Gantry Crane, the workers can now load and unload flatbeds with the same efficiency and ease they had with a much larger crane in their previous facility, with the additional benefit of knowing it can be moved to a new building in the event of another warehouse change.