Aluminum Gantry Cranes Improve Efficiency for HVAC Company


For more than 50 years, an Indiana based HVAC company has been providing plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services to residential and commercial clients. Moving from one job site to another required the use of a gantry crane and multiple workers to move, service, maintain, or replace large air conditioning units on rooftops.


For many years, workers used 3-ton steel gantry cranes, which required at least four workers to move and manipulate the overhead lift system onto rooftops and other precarious locations. That’s when their general manager reached out to a Spanco distributor for a more effective, safer solution. The dealer recommended they switch their fleet of steel gantries to lightweight gantries that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and moved by just one or two workers. The general manager purchased several 1- and 2-ton Aluminum Gantry Cranes from Spanco, which they now used to service air conditioning systems on commercial rooftops.


The new aluminum gantries are fitted with pneumatic tires, making them especially easy to move under load and for rooftop applications. The lower capacity gantries can lift 1-ton, but only weigh 120 pounds. They are extremely lightweight, portable, and stable under load, making them the perfect solution to move heavy air conditioning units from one location to another. Now, workers can carry their aluminum gantry cranes in their services trucks and easily move them as needed. According to their general manager, the gantries have improved safety, efficiency, and overall productivity. They’re looking to replace all of their steel gantry cranes with aluminum gantry cranes in the near future.