Spanco Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes Provide Efficient Workflow Void of Bottlenecking


A diversified engineering and custom fabrication and machine work company located in southeastern Pennsylvania operates multiple manufacturing facilities with a work force of over 200 employees. Primarily catering to the power coal industry and paper industry, the company has seen significant growth in recent years.

Several years ago, the plant production manager was dealing with the daily problem of bottlenecking on the production floor. Individual workstations that were set up as part of a fabrication process were becoming inefficient as coworkers had to wait to use large capacity overhead cranes to lift anything too heavy to move by hand. At one point, as many as 20 individual fabrication jobs were simultaneously juggled with the use of a couple of large overhead cranes.


Looking for a cost-effective solution that could be implemented with the current warehouse design, the production manager contacted a local Spanco distributor. After a brief review of the situation, the value of a Spanco 301-Series Wall-Mounted Jib Crane was immediately recognized. The Spanco distributor recommended the purchase of jib cranes for each workstation, allowing individual bay workers to lift and position anything up to 2 tons with 180-degree rotation.


The inclusion of these wall-mounted jib cranes allowed for an efficient production process void of bottlenecking. Over the past several years, this company has purchased and installed multiple Spanco Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes to accommodate their growing facility.