Jib Cranes

Spanco Jib Cranes lift and transport materials in semi circles (200 degrees) or full circles (360 degrees) around their support structure. These jib cranes can also be used to “hand off” materials to adjacent workstations. Hoists, manipulators, or balancers can be installed on the jibs’ booms.

Our articulating jib cranes have booms with two sets of axes so they can reach obstacles, such as columns. All of our jibs quickly fold out of the way of large overhead cranes.

  • Spanco Jib Cranes maximize space utilization: Wall-mounted jib cranes, ceiling or wall-mounted articulating jib cranes, and all wall-traveling jib cranes require no floor space. We offer models with unrivaled clearance, both above and under the boom.
  • On some designs, you can use your building’s existing columns or overhead beams to mount our jib cranes, saving you money.
  • Freestanding jibs can be weatherized for outdoor use.
  • Capacities: from 100 pounds to 30,000 pounds, with hundreds of pre-engineered models.
  • Wall-Mounted

    Require no floor space or foundation. Fold out of way of large overhead cranes. Great clearance above/below boom.

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  • Freestanding

    Higher capacities/longer spans than wall-mounted cranes, these foundation-mounted cranes install almost anywhere.

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  • Mast-Style

    360-degree crane rotation, manual/power. Bolts to floor & building’s steel beams, eliminating costly special foundations.

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  • Workstation

    Easy, ergonomic lifting & transfer of repetitive loads. Small, nimble cranes that are faster than motorized jibs.

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  • Articulating

    Lift & move loads around corners/columns. Reach into machinery. Mount onto floors, walls, ceilings, or existing bridge cranes.

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  • Wall-Traveling

    For long lateral movement of materials without taking up any floor space or interfering with large overhead cranes.

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  • Retrofit Jib Drives

    Move heavy loads faster—convert your manual jib crane to motorized rotation. Retrofit Jib Drives cost much less than a new crane.

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How To Choose The Right Jib Crane

  • Area of rotation: Freestanding and mast style jib cranes offer 360-degree rotation; wall-mounted cranes offer 200-degree rotation.
  • Underboom height: Distance from floor to underside of jib crane’s boom. Also factor in hoist size and lifting height needed.
  • Overall jib crane height: Factor in any attachments, such as electrical entry, so the crane will be free from overhead obstructions.
  • Actual working span needed: The working (or hook) distance is roughly the length of the boom, less ½ trolley length at each end.
  • Power requirements: Will you need power for your jib crane’s motor drive, its trolley, its hoist…or all three? Will the power be electric or air? Bottom or top entry? Indoor or outdoor use?
  • Installation: Your Spanco distributor can review your application and, together with our engineering staff, make expert recommendations.
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