Tractor Drives

Spanco Tractor Drives—also known as trolley drives, motorized trolleys, bridge crane drives, hoist tuggers, and lo-hed drives—can increase the speed of your crane operations. We offer retrofit tractor drive kits for Spanco enclosed track overhead crane systems.

TrackBoss™ Enclosed Track Tractor Drives can boost the productivity of workstation cranes, especially when your operator can’t easily stand next to the load due to obstacles. TrackBoss tractor drives are compatible with all Spanco enclosed tracks. Multiple drive options and speeds available.

  • Tractor Drives

    Motorize monorails, trolley hoists, or bridge cranes running on an enclosed track.

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Spanco Tractor Drive Features

  • Electric or air motors
  • Controls: single or two speed push-button
  • Wheels with permanently lubricated, sealed bearings
  • Drive design style: worm gear reducer
  • One-year warranty

Drive Options

  • Spark-resistant wheels
  • Soft start
  • Variable frequency drives

Spanco always welcomes special orders for its tractor drives:  either contact your local Spanco Rep or call us at 800-869-2080.

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