We wholeheartedly support and subscribe to the Ethics and Practices Code developed by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHI).

In addition, we pledge:

  1. To always do what is right to the best of our ability.
  2. To manufacture products that meet or exceed all of the voluntary and regulatory industry standards.
  3. To sell only the features and benefits of our products and services without intentionally injuring or damaging the reputation of our fellow members or our competitors.
  4. To provide products and services that fully meet your quality expectations.
  5. To service any warranty claims promptly.
  6. To tell you when our products or services are mismatched with your application.
  7. To respect the intent of our communications to you, including the language of our mutual contracts.
  8. To treat every customer equally with the same respect and courtesy that we would expect ourselves.

At Spanco, Inc., we view our company as a tree. Although you can see what is above ground, we are only as strong as our roots—our employees. Please contact us immediately if you believe we have not lived up to our promises.

Richard Uhlig, President and Owner